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{GOD}Gods Of Destruction

{GOD} is a Wolfenstein:ET clan ~ We have own servers & teamspeak ~ We are recruiting ~ We want to make you feel good with us
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 XxSpe!RroxX - Application [DENIED]

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XxSpe!RroxX - Application [DENIED] Empty
PostSubject: XxSpe!RroxX - Application [DENIED]   XxSpe!RroxX - Application [DENIED] I_icon_minitimeThu Nov 03, 2011 2:49 am

Quote :
1) Please tell us what your nickname is on ET: xXSpE!RrOXx

2) How long do you play Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory? I played 4 years ago

3) Was you ever in and other Clan? no but i would like .Be, but now i would like GOD

4) How long have you played on our servers and how much XP do you have? 5days 21xp

5) Why do you want to be a part of the {GOD}? because its a great server , great and nices member

6) Was there anyone that made you interested in joining us? romike and darkness

7) Do you have XFire? If yes, please give us your ID. yes i have xfire : xxspeirroxx

8 ) Where are you from? germany

9) How old are you? 12

10) First name: Ali

11) Last name :

12) Wich class, weapon is your favourite way to play? Engi and Medic .MP40 and Thompson

13) Do you have some other knowladge (website,server,photoshop, etc.) ?
14) Why do you think we should accept you ? I'm a good player and i like this server .

15) Is there something else that you want to tell us? yes my english is not great


You were not accepted by the RC (Recruitment Council)

-Your apply was too short
-It needs some improvement!

For help , Contact me :

We are sorry, you can send a new apply next month or show us we made a fault that we not accepted you.

{GOD}Team, RC



XxSpe!RroxX - Application [DENIED] 2090404taun525s58
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XxSpe!RroxX - Application [DENIED]
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