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 Knowledge of ET classes

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PostSubject: Knowledge of ET classes   Knowledge of ET classes I_icon_minitimeThu Oct 27, 2011 1:30 am

Knowledge of ET classes

Here's a tutorial of the different classes of Enemy Territory

In ET there are 5 classes to choose from. Each has a number of weapons and special abilities, some of which make them essential in any team that wants to win. The 5 classes available are:


Engineers can install and remove dynamite, mines, explosive charges enemy, build things and repair weapons and vehicles. Almost all targets in ET require the skills of an engineer.
Engineers can choose between two two-handed weapons. Allies can choose between the Thompson and Garand Rifle. The Axis can choose between the MP40 and the K43 rifle. K43 Rifle and the Grand rifle have a grenade launcher. To load grenades press the alternate fire button, and then shoot. The grenades used by the grenade launchers and hand grenades are independent.

Weapons and special items

Engineer's Tool

Is selected by pressing "5." They are used to assemble, clear, repair and build. An icon appears gray with pliers on the screen when you're in a place where needed. To use, press and hold down the key or button that you assigned to the shooting. Holding it down you'll see a blue bar growing under the icon of the pliers. When the bar disappears it means you've finished.


Is selected by pressing "6". Once you have selected the dynamite press the button or trigger to release it. Tools automatically switches to the Engineer. To arm the dynamite, crouch beside her, pointing with the Engineer's tool and press
the button you asigned to the shooting, a bar will appear and you have to wait until the bar is completed.


Are selected by pressing "7." The mines are placed in the same way that dynamite. Once you've armed the mine you and your friends will see a flag indicating the position of the mine on the floor. The mines can not be placed on hard surfaces. The mines will damage the enemy when he walks over the mine and the mine fires. There are three types of mine: ''S'' , ''M'' and the Poison Gas mine.

Special Skills


Engineers can defuse Dynamite, remote explosive charges and mines. To disable them use the Engineer's tool.


Engineers can repair damaged vehicles and weapons. It uses the tools of the engineer.


Engineers can build Command Posts and other items during the mission moving towards them and using their Engineer's tool.


Level 1 .- Improved use of Explosive Ammuniation: (20). Will have 4 extra hand grenades and four extra shells for your rifle grenades.

Level 2 .- Improved Dexterity: (50). Arm and disarm mines and dynamite in half the time than before.

Level 3 .- Improved Construction and Destruction: (90). Build, repair and make dynamite and mines cost a third less energy bar than it did before.

Level 4 .- Flak Jacket: (140). It protects 50% of all damage taken by explosives.

Field Ops

Field Ops are responsable for the supply of ammunition for his team and heavy fire support.
You see a lot of people call Lieutenants. This is because in the original game (Return to Castle Wolfenstein and RTCW) this class was called so.
The Field Ops can distribute ammo packs his teammates, allowing them to continue fighting when they ran their initial rounds of ammunition. They are also capable call Air Strikes by throwing a can of smoke and they're capable of calling artillery strikes on distant targets using their binoculars.

Weapons and special items

Air Strikes and Artillery Support

Choose smoke pot with "5" key. Throw it to where you want the air strike to be and see how it starts to smoke the color of your computer. Using this skill completely consume the energy bar of Field Ops. Since the attack is made from a plane and the smoke is the visual cue that allows the pilot to know where to drop bombs, you can not use the air strike in covered areas. Throw the smoke canisters always outdoors. When the plane's pilot locate the smoke will give you a notice informing you that radio is ready. If you can not see the smoke because something covers it will alert you that you can not make the passing game. Keep in mind this so jump attacks more effective. The Air Strikes can damage you, but not your teammates. They will just ''fly'' because of the impact. Smoke pot will explode after 5 seconds, causing an effect similar to a hand grenade, if the Air Strike it's not available. Air attacks can be blocked by any player. If you get reminded that the smoking pot will explode, you should go away. To call Artillery Support you have to use your binoculars and press the shoot button. The difference between Air Strikes and Artillery Support is that Air Strikes is done once and Artillery Support multiple times. Air Strikes and Artillery Support can't be called by 2 players at the same time in the same team.

Ammo packs

Select packages of ammunition pressing "6". Click the shooting button to release packages. The ammo packs can be caught by anyone, enemy or friend.


Level 1 .- Improved Resources: (20). The ammo packs now contain an extra charger and giving ammo packs now costs 15% of the energy bar instead of 25% so far.

Level 2 .- Improved Signals: (50). Air strikes and artillery attacks consume two thirds of the energy bar.

Level 3 .- Improved Air and Ground Support: (90). Improving air strikes and artillery. The air strikes are now double bombing produced two lines perpendicular to each other. The explosions caused by artillery attack were reduced from 8 to 4, but are much more powerful.

Level 4 .- Enemy Recognition: (140). Discover the Covert Ops infiltrates, getting a message saying "Disguised Enemy!" (Enemy in disguise) if you aim on him.


The medic can heal his teammates with packages of life and can revive fallen comrades, recovering to fight without needing to wait for the next reinforcement. The medics help his colleagues to continue fighting. It is the only class in which your life will slowly regenerate, so if you come across a doctor, do not let him escape, and that soon they will again with the entire life.

Weapons and special items


Is selected by pressing "5." It is used to revive fallen comrades. To do come close to a partner that has the symbol of a syringe over your chest, bend, and stick him. Colleagues who do not have syringe are those that have been auctioned or those who by choice have become part of the reinforcements. You can not revive enemies. Normally a medic is a maximum of 10 syringes.

Packages of Life

Are selected by pressing "6". You can drop packages of life, which will restore 20 points of life to your teammates or yourself. The packets can give life to all the players, even enemies, so watch where you let them.


Level 1 .- Medic Ammo: (20). Extra ammunition and grenades.

Level 2 .- Improved Resources: (50). You get two extra syringes in the next respawn medicine packages and spend 15% of your energy bar instead of 25% as before.

Level 3 .- Adrenalin Needles: (90). Revive your teammates with full health.

Adrenalin level 4 .- Self: (140). Select the syringe 2 times to prick yourself and gain unlimited stamina for 10 seconds. During these 10 seconds plus the damage received will be halved.

Covert Ops

The Covert Operations Specialist (Specialist Operations Infiltration) or Covert Ops is the expert in espionage and reconnaissance team. His skills are stealing clothes and made enemies, mine detection and the use of weapons with telescopic sights. Is also capable of infiltrating enemy positions as enemy positions while wearing costumes can open the doors of the enemy strongholds. You can also give vital information to their peers.

Weapons and special items

Sten, FG42, K43 and M1 Garand

Have the option to choose between three weapons of two different hands: the Sten Mk IIS, the FG42 or a rifle (the M1S Garand for the Allies and the Axis K43 for) equipped with a telescopic sight and silencer. Pressing the alternate fire use the scope, and while we can use the Zoom (by default mouse wheel) to zoom in or out. When we use the scope you will see a bar to the left indicating the movement caused by the pulse. This bar changes color to indicate size and all that move. We can reduce the size of the bar changing posture (squatting than standing better and better lying to crouch). Ideally, get to have the red bar. Green indicates that moves a lot and orange indicates a moderate movement.

Smoke Grenades

Smoke grenades produce a small smokescreen for a short period of time after being released, is ideal for concealing troop movements and remove visible defenders.

Poison Gas Grenades

Poison Gas grenades produce damage while standing close do it. It's a green smoke that damages for a short period time and then disappears.

Explosive charges

Explosive charges or Satchel Charges are explosives that can be detonated remotely. When you throw a load automatically switch to the remote control that allows you to detonate. If you press the shoot button while you have selected the remote control, the explosive charge is detonated. The Satchel and the Control have a limited scope, but need not have a clear line of sight to the load. The green light indicates that these remote control within reach, the red light indicates you are out of it. Engineers can disable enemies Satchel charges.

Special Skills

Dress up

The Covert Ops can take the uniform of a dead enemy (and finished) and put it as a disguise. To do over the dead enemy position yourself so that it appears a gray icon with a picture of a uniform. Press the activation key (default F keys and Enter) to take the uniform of the enemy and put it on your own. Changing of uniform takes a while, hold down the action button until you see the blue line that appears below the icon disappears.
While wearing the uniform Covert Ops enemy is able to open doors can only open enemies.
A disguised Covert Ops remains dressed while using silenced weapons or knife. Lose your disguise when you're seen shooting at an enemy, use grenades or die.
To prevent disguised Covert Ops will be fired by his own comrades an icon "Do not shoot" when you pointing. If you see a banned icon when you point at an enemy, do not shoot, yours is a partner in disguise.


Level 1 .- Improved use of Scoped Weapon Ammunition: (30). Each package contains additional ammunition for the weapons with telescopic sights.

Level 2 .- Improved use of Sabotage and Misdirection: (60). Energy cost of smoke grenades and Satchel charges is reduced .

Level 3 .- Breath control: (90). The movement of the weapon while using the scope is reduced by 50%.

Level 4 .- Assassin: (150). If you hit an enemy once with knife it's instant death (Not throwing).


The Soldier has no special abilities, but instead is the only one who can carry heavy weapons like the MG42 Portable, mortar, flamethrower and Panzer.

Weapons and special items

Heavy Weapons

The Soldier can choose between 5 Weapons: The MP40 or the M1A1 Thompson (depending on whether the axis in the first case, or ally in the second), the Panzer, the flamethrower, the Mobile MG42 and mortar. The Panzer and mortar expend energy. The Panzer while lying can not be used.
To use the mortar you need first place it by pressing the alternate fire. When ready you can press the shoot button to launch the first projectile. The elevation and direction can be altered using the guide. The lower the angle of shot, but far will the projectile. You can see how your projectile is intended for reference of where to throw the next. To find the exact spot where you can look down your map command (button "G" by default). The Field Ops can mark for you a target using artillery.You can use this information to your mortar fire knowing that it will fall near the artillery attack.
The mobile MG42 can be placed on a bipod to make it more accurate, losing a lot of mobility. The MG42 also can be shooted
while you are moving, but the shots are very inaccurate.
When carrying any kind of heavy weapons (Panzer, flamethrowers, mobile MG42 or mortar) your movement is much slower. It is advisable to change the gun to move more quickly and switch back to heavy weapon when in the desired position or in a place favored by the enemies.


1 .- Improved Projectile Level Resources: (20). The Panzer and mortar now spend a third less energy bar of what they spent before.

Heavy Weapons Level 2 .- Profiency: (50). The MG42 that heat cools twice as fast.

Level 3 .- Improved Dexterity: (90). Go with heavy weapons as fast as the light.

Level 4 .- Improved Weapon Handling: (140). Now you can choose as a first weapon Thompson or MP-40, apart from the gun.

All classes can have a secondary weapon, you can choose it by pressing ''L'' choosing the class and clicking on ''2''.

By - sinopsis -http://fearless-assassins.com/forum/tutorials/article/124-wet-classes/


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Knowledge of ET classes
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