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 Improve your game skill

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PostSubject: Improve your game skill   Improve your game skill I_icon_minitimeThu Oct 27, 2011 1:29 am

Improve your game skill

There are many questions posted about "how to play better", "how can I frag",..
and there are as many answers and tutorials.. but one thing that is common in all FPS games winners and that is not much spoken is
your attitude.. not if you get along with other players but your attitude towards the game..
so where are a few tips.. that may help you became a better player

Be the hunter, not the prey..

If this was real life.. I would agree that you only have one life.. so you should spare it..
But this is a game, and never have I seen a game where you get rewarded by not dying.. games always score your kills.. so..
GET KILLS.. you can be killed as many times as you like.. as long as you kill more..
this may seem a simple observation but means a lot in terms of attitude.. in every game you see new guys hiding in corners and windows.. trying to make kills without dying.. but you never see a pro doing it..
if you are hiding and you see someone passing by don't thing "i'm gonna wait for him to pass again, and see if I can take him"..
GO after him.. BE THE HUNTER.. if you go after him, 2 thing may happen, you kill him.. good.. he kills you.. so what.. you have to wait 10 seconds to respawn.. nothing lost.. but if you had killed him you had all to gain..

If you can see him, he can see you

If you thing you are safe in one spot.. making a lot of kills.. thing again.. the rule cant get any simpler..
if you can see someone to make a shot.. means someone can see you.. even if its just 1 pixel on the screen.. and thats all it takes..
so basically there is no "safe" spots.. and as long as you are in the same place you are a sitting duck.. you may have killed the guy the first time.. but if he is a smart player he will probably find a way to kill you without getting into your line of sight..
this means.. KEEP ON THE RUN.. finding new preys... because if you killed someone in 1 spot.. when he re-spawns he will go there to get you.. again there are 2 ways you can do it.. if it is a big server full of ppl just move on.. forget that guy there are enough ppl for you to kill and to run from.. but if it is a small server.. then a good tactic is to find another spot, but, from where you can cover the old one.. because, since ppl tend to return to the "scene of the crime".. to se if they can find you.. you just wait a few seconds.. and there is another victim for you.. but as soon as you kill him.. move.. and cover the last spot.. and you can do this for ever..

help me help you

for you to make kills, it helps to have a team that puts up a fight. And for this to happen a team must be well balanced..
what's the point of have 8 soldiers if no medic to heal.. or having 8 medics.. and no ammo.. etc..
So when you are playing keep in mind the overall tactics.. and react according to it..
may time I seem medics complaining about getting spawn raped.. when 2 or 3 air strikes could keep the enemy lines back.. but non of them goes field-ops.. so.. DON'T LIMIT YOURSELF.. check what your team needs at that moment and do it.. help the team.. and you will see your side progress.. allowing you to make more kills.. and kills can be done with any class..

Shoot, Move, Cover, Reload

LEARN HOW TO MOVE IN THE BATTLEFIELD, and progress in the terrain.. you probably have already seen many of those scenes in Hollywood movies.. even if much is fake.. there are some real thing to it.. so you don't need a field training.. you just have to pay attention..
This may be a game but, the rules still apply.. you can google a bit.. but here are some bullet points
-Always watch you back - keep you back to a wall.. if you cant.. make a 360 from time to time..
-Only stand still if you have cover - a moving target is harder then a sitting one..
-If you are not shooting you should be reloading - if you are not reloading you should be shooting
-Don't cover ground that is already covered- If someone is already pointing there, you should point somewhere else
-Keep a someone by you side - two have a better chance then one
-Give room to maneuver- never stand too close.. you don't want one grenade to make two kills, instead of one
there is many more that can be said.. but the point is even if this is a game.. in warfare (game or not) those rules are common sense..
and will help you a lot.

Offense wins the game, but defense wins the championship

Never dismiss defense.. doesn't matter if you are the attacking of defending team.. always keep an eye on the objective behind you..
Always have a backup plan.. and always be prepared to fall back..
Because PLAYING SMART wins more games then playing good.. a simple example is this..
many times I see ppl on the defending team pushing forward trying to spawn rape the other team..
this mean that when you kill a guy.. 10 seconds later you have to kill him again..
but if you hold you line farther back.. and he has to spend 10 seconds to get to you.. means you only have to kill him once every 20 seconds.. making him waist time to get to you.. only to get killed..
of course you shouldn't defend on top of the objective.. but the further you go the less it serves you.. so be smart about how you play

And I guess that is it.. for now.. don't know if any of this made sense to you, or if they will help..
but I wast just trying to make you realize that to be a good player there is much more that just good aiming and good luck..
and if you sum it up.. it wont even make half of it.. because the reason why good players are good.. is there attitude in the game..
they think like warriors, hunter and soldiers...
anything other than that and..

By: CaldasGSM - http://fearless-assassins.com/forum/tutorials/article/118-fps-attitude/


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Improve your game skill
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