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{GOD} is a Wolfenstein:ET clan ~ We have own servers & teamspeak ~ We are recruiting ~ We want to make you feel good with us
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 Stack Night

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PostSubject: Stack Night   Stack Night I_icon_minitimeWed Oct 26, 2011 7:54 am


This topic is created to inform all members & players that we are making a special event every week.

Name of the event is STACK NIGHT and it will be every SUNDAY at 19:00 (GMT +1 Central Europe)
On our server called BEGINNERS|CHRISTMAS|XPS|, with IP:

What this STACK NIGHT event is ?

It is a special & exclusive event for members and players. How I wrote above all players and members are welcome to join at that time, because in that time it will start.

How it goes?

We will play like {GOD} Members VS. Rest (Friends,Regulards,Guests - all who are not in clan).
That mean there can be teams like Axis 4 Members VS Allies 15 Regulars - we will got pwned, but who care ? Lets enjoy some fun.

We would like to see you every sunday at STACK NIGHT and make some fun.

So see you around.



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Stack Night
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