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 Transfer your old TB rating to your new name!

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Transfer your old TB rating to your new name! Empty
PostSubject: Transfer your old TB rating to your new name!   Transfer your old TB rating to your new name! I_icon_minitimeWed Nov 02, 2011 12:37 am


Some of you might know Trackbase.
(If not check it out now! Click me!)

The online Wolfenstein ET tracker,

When you play you get rating (Most of the time)
It will be set behind you're name on TB.
But what if you want an new name?
And you're rating on you're old name to you're new name?

This is how
(Copyright Trackbase Forum)

Informations about name changing :

100 % rating transfer :
- You can transfer your rate between names without clantags, without losing rate.
- You can transfer names between the same clantag, without losing rate.
- You can transfer clantagged names -> normal names without losing rate.
- Changes between your clan and your squad(s) are free-of charge! ( 100% rating )

95% rating transfer :
- You can transfer normal names -> clantagged names with keeping 95% of your rate.
- You can transfer clantagged name to another clantagged name with keeping 95% of your rate.
So what do i have to do to get my rating transfered ,what are the rules , how to proceed ?


a) Both names must be reserved ON THE SAME ACCOUNT , if not we will not be able to make any transfer.
b) It's strongly recommended that the person concerned ask for the name change.
c) We allow others to post for others , EX : A Leader is allowed to post for one of his clanmembers , but his name MUST BE on the Clanpage.
which means the guy already created his name with the new clantag and ofcourse , name is reserved.
d) I've a rating egual or over 10 .

* If one of this requirment is missing , we will not make any transfert


If you want to change your name provide us :
1) put the link of the name you used till now, so the name that will change ( the one with rating )
2) put the link of The NEW name and post your colortags then your new name will have colors

Here is an example :
1) [link here] the name with the rating you want to transfer
2) Your new name :[link here] : with colortags example -> ^1ET^2PLAYE^3R
To avoid any problem on trackbase side :
- the two names must be reserved on the same account.Then we can proceed to the change.
- If unfortunately one of the both names doesnt belong to the owner account , TB TEAM cannot be held for responsible.
The name stealer will be warned once and will get his rating SET TO 0 , and next time there is something wrong , we will not transfer his names anymore.

With thanks of the TB team!

Short Read me!

Go to the TB site [Here is the link, Click Me]
Put you're name Below here (Down below on the page)
Wait 3days,
And you're rating has been transfered from you're old name to you're new name!

Any questions? [Pm me here!]

And title you're PM to me with : Rating Transfer

Regards, L.K.M.A.I



Transfer your old TB rating to your new name! 2090404taun525s58
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Transfer your old TB rating to your new name!
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